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The Proper Art of Writing (1655)

I stumbled upon these calligraphy examples on The Public Domain Review. They are taken from a 17th Century German book. Some of the characters are so highly decorated aren’t even recognisable anymore. 

The volumes’ full title is as extravagant as the examples it shows:  The Proper Art of Writing: a compilation of all sorts of capital or initial letters of German, Latin and Italian fonts from different masters of the noble art of writing. See more here

ILEKO CALENDAR is a new type of calendar which you can look both monthly calendar and weekly calendar on the same page. One set of 2 books and each book contains a half year calendar.

(Source: amiizaki.com, via typographie)

Incognito Of Irony


Followers of incognito traits
the foist of myopic irony

hark a smidgen or jeremiad
balk at the fluid malaise

An inherent chide echo
timed inaction of smooth

Plead distance bad enactor
how can they be so avid?